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The Efficacy of Health Supplements

The evolution of technology has warped us into the age of instant products. As consumers, we become patrons of food items that are genetically engineered and those products that come easy. We are mostly blinded by the false promise of these products to bring us nutritional value, when in fact, they are devoid of any.

Health supplements become our best friend in our efforts to get our much needed daily vitamins and minerals. As marketability of these supplements surges, more and more companies invest in creating their own version to take advantage of profit. Sadly, not all health supplements are created equal and some are even being marketed despite the hazards they bring. You can see in the news that every now and then, there are health supplements being recalled for fear of lawsuits. For this reason, customers should be very careful in purchasing these items. The promises offered by these products may not be truthful and would even damage our bodies.

There are, however, products that remained consistent with their promise of bringing good health. Doctors and innovators have placed their names on the line as a guarantee of the effectiveness of their products. While the majority of the products in the market has not received the approval from the Food and Drug Administration, there are a few brand names who have even taken their commitment a notch further. Other than getting cleared, these supplements have clinical studies that would support their claims.
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The effectiveness of these food supplements is even taken to the cellular level. More than addressing the daily vitamin and mineral requirement of every consumer, they have created products that would benefit every customer on a cellular plane. This means that every nutritional fact stated on every bottle is effectively absorbed by the body. The next target of these supplements is to take absorption at the DNA level. DNA absorption means the product is more potent than ever and consumers are greatly benefiting from the product.
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It is so easy to doubt the efficacy of these supplements, but there is still a multitude of consumers who would corroborate the value these products bring them. Skeptics can always point out placebo effect as the main factor of the efficacy of these products, but some brand names have case studies that would back their claims. Through constant use, some customers claim that they see a huge difference in their overall wellness because of the product.

Because not all food supplements contain the same value and promise the same thing, it is up to consumers to be wary in selecting the product of their choice. By checking reviews and testimonials, consumers are empowering themselves to get the value out of their money.

Effective Webdesign

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The Basics

Before starting on how to design a website effectively, how about clearing some basic web design concepts? Designing Effectively [http://articles.des-us.com/articles.shtm]

Now that you know what web design and related terms mean, lets get down to the real thing: Designing Effectively How to balance artistic design with practicality and functionality.

Use of graphics and content

Unless your website is all about graphics, how to make them, edit them or just a bunch of links to graphics websites, I suggest you use graphics sparingly, especially the flashing, twirling kind. They not only detract readers from the content, but they also take ages to load. You do not want your readers to leave your website because your graphically attractive page does not seem to load fast enough. Then again, too much text is boring. So mix and match the graphics and text on your page, having enough white space so that the page is not plain annoying.

Layout and design

While designing, keep in mind that poor layout and design will make your pages unreadable and difficult to keep your visitors on your website for long. Some of the things that make a poor design and layout:

  1. Text that is too small to read
  2. Color combinations of text and background that make the text hard to read
  3. Large graphic files that take forever to load
  4. Multiple things that blink
  5. Unclear navigation; over complex navigation
  6. Paragraphs of type in all caps, bold, and italic all at once
  7. Graphics that don’t fit on the screen (assuming a screen of 640×460 pixels)
  8. Animations that never stop
  9. Complicated frames, too many frames, unnecessary scroll bars in frames
  10. Cluttered, not enough alignment of elements

Some of the things that make a webpage stand out from the crowd:

  1. Stay away from bad design features listed above.
  2. Background does not interrupt the text
  3. Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use
  4. Good use of graphic elements (photos, subheads, pull quotes) to break up large areas of text
  5. A large site has an index or site map
  6. Link colors coordinate with page color
  7. Every graphic link has a matching text link
  8. Animated graphics turn off by themselves
  9. Pages download quickly
  10. All pages have the immediate visual impact within 640 x 460 pixels


Most of the time, all it takes to design your website effectively is a little planning. When designing a website, it needs to be clean, uncluttered, attractive and easy for users to read and find what they need. Begin with a webdesign plan:

  1. what colors do you want to use?
  2. Are these colors complimentary?
  3. What items – text, images, data – do you want to put in your pages?
  4. What layout do you want? Look at other websites and then decide.

Follow the above steps to get a website that speaks for itself and your business. You can always contact me for suggestions and webdesign projects.

3 Steps Before You Start Your Webdesign

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There are 3 fundamental factors to consider before designing your website.

Step 1 Forget the look (but just for now)

The internet contains many exciting effects so when you start thinking about your website it’s easy for your mind to wander off into a world of visual animations and flashy widgets. However, before you are seduced by graphical gimmicks take a step back! At this initial stage it is critical that you remain focused on what you need your website to help your business achieve, and nothing more.

Step 2 Identify your objectives

The purpose of your website is to fulfill your specific business objectives so refer to the essence of your business plan. Whether you are driving revenue directly through online sales, or using your site to build brand awareness … your website should be designed to deliver all of these objectives simultaneously. Clearly identify what your objectives are and communicate these needs to your designer.

Step 3 Know your customers

By now you know who your primary customers are and have also identified any other potential markets. Knowing your target market is core to the success of your website. Your audience should dictate the look and feel of the website, not just your personal preferences.

In conclusion using these three very simple steps can dramatically alter the way the end result. Fundamentally you website should effectively drive your business. In addition to this it´s important to regularly evaluate your website against your objectives as these will continually change as your business grows.